Business strategy

Re-Entrepreneuring: How Organizations Can Reignite Their...

Stefan Schaible y Charles-Edouard Bouee

Business/it Fusion

Peter Hinssen

Scaling Social Innovation Through Cross-Sector Social...

Thomas G. Pittz y Melissa L. Intindola

Transform Your Supply Chain: Releasing Value in Business

Jon (Windsor Foundation for Business Development) Hughes, BUPA) Ralf Mark (Group Purchasing and Property Director, et al.

Eventos Inteligentes


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25 Need-To-Know Management Models

Gerben van den Berg y Paul Pietersma

Intellectual Capital: Core Asset for the Third Millennium

The Technology Broker) Brooking Annie (Director

Strategic Information Systems Management

Kevin (Glasgow Caledonian University) Grant, Ray (Brunel University) Hackney, et al.

Resilient Leadership: Beyond myths and misunderstandings

Germany) Drath Karsten (Leadership Choices GmbH

Success in Sight: Visioning

Frederic (ARJ France) Nortier, Nello-Bernard (ARJ France) Abramovici, et al.