Management of specific areas


Jeffrey Pomerantz

Make It! The Engineering Manufacturing Solution: Engineering...

John (Warwick Manufacturing Group University of Warwick) Garside

Capital Equipment Purchasing: Optimizing the Total Cost of...

Jens Hornstein, Rainer den Ouden, et al.

Robust Event-Triggered Control of Nonlinear Systems

Pengpeng Zhang, Zhong-Ping Jiang, et al.

Call Center Continuity Planning

Jim Rowan y Sharon Rowan

eMaintenance: Essential Electronic Tools for Efficiency

Sweden) Galar Lulea University of Technology Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering at LTU Diego (Professor y Sweden) Kumar Lulea Lulea University of Technology Lulea Railway Research Center Uday (Professor

Service Science in China

Jiazhen Huo y Zhisheng Hong

The Lost-Trade System

Jesper Thorlund

Coping With Loss

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) Larson Department of Psychology Judith (PhD, et al.

Marketing Issues in Pacific Area Tourism

Kaye Sung Chon, Chris Ryan, et al.