Organizational theory & behaviour

Global Organization Development: Managing Unprecedented Change

Therese F. Yaeger, Thomas C. Head, et al.

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Antonio Pamos

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Corporate Governance in India

Sunita Upendra Sharma

Organizational Behaviour

UK) Smith Paul (University of Hertfordshire, UK) Farmer Marilyn (University of Hertfordshire, et al.

An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting...

Crawley) Day David V. (University of Western Australia, Ireland) Harrison University of Limerick Michelle M. (Kemmy Business School, et al.

How AI Is Transforming the Organization

MIT Sloan Management (Paul Michelman) Review

The New Brass Ring: Dmadd, Process Improvement for the 21st...

Philip C Reinke y C Reinke Phillip C Reinke

Organization Development Classics: The Practice and Theory of...

Dixie Cody Van Eynde, Judith C. Hoy, et al.

Networks for Learning and Knowledge Creation in Biotechnology

Amalya Lumerman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Oliver

Organizational Analysis: Essential Readings

UK) Knights Bristol Business School David (Research Professor y Cardiff University) Willmott Hugh (Cardiff Business School

Organizational Behavior: Tools for Success, International...

Stanley (Penn State University) Gully y Jean (Penn State University) Phillips