Public ownership / nationalization

Federal Contracting Made Easy

Scott A. Stanberry

Las empresas p煤blicas en el comercio internacional

Manuela Eslava Rodr铆guez

12,00 鈧

Corruption, Infrastructure Management and Public-Private...

China) Heydari Mohammad (Southwest University, Kin Keung Lai, et al.

Strategic Planning for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Stanley G Williamson, Robert E Stevens, et al.

Italian Grammar Made Easy

Mike Zollo y Alan Wesson

El Che Ministre


16,00 鈧
15,20 鈧

Successful Change Management in Health Care: Being...

Annette Chowthi-Williams y Geraldine Davis

China's State-owned Enterprises: Nature, Performance And Reform

China) Zhao China & Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences Nong (Unirule Inst Of Economics y China) Sheng Hong (Unirule Inst Of Economics