Biotechnology industries

Concepts and Experimental Protocols of Modelling and...

India) Silakari Punjab University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research Om (Assistant Professor y India) Singh Punjab Patiala Punjabi University Pankaj Kumar (Senior Research Fellow

An Introduction to Healthcare Informatics: Building...

Hadera Technologies) Mccaffrey Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Peter (MD.

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Manuel Ruiz del Corral

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International Governance of Biotechnology: Needs, Problems...

) Rhodes PhD (Research Fellow in Ethics of Science MRes BA International Relations and Security Studies Dr. Catherine

Systems Evolutionary Biology: Biological Network Evolution...

Taiwan) C National Tsing Hua University Department of Electrical Engineering Bor-Sen (Tsing Hua Distinguished Chair Professor

The Electronic Health Record: Ethical Considerations

Canada) Kluge University of Victoria Eike-Henner W. (Professor

Biotecnología vegetal


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