Jurisprudence & philosophy of law

The Rule of Law

Tom Bingham

Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence

Professor Michael Freeman

Commitment and Cooperation on High Courts: A Cross-Country...

University of Toronto Faculty of Law) Alarie Osler Chair in Business Law Benjamin (Osler Chair in Business Law y University of Toronto Faculty of Law) Green Associate Professor Andrew J. (Associate Professor

The Jurisprudence of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal

George H. (Judge in the Iran-US Tribunal) Aldrich

A Theory of Legal Argumentation: The Theory of Rational...

Germany.) Alexy Kiel Christian Albrechts University Robert (Professor of Public Law and Legal Philosophy

Terrorism, Intelligence and Homeland Security

Robert Taylor y Charles Swanson

Law's Evolution and Human Understanding

University of San Diego) Cla Herzog Endowed Scholar and Professor of Law Laurence (Herzog Endowed Scholar and Professor of Law

Introducci n Al Estudio del Derecho: Segunda Edici n

Dr Felipe de Jesus Fierro Alvidrez

The Culturalization of Human Rights Law

University of Siena) Lenzerini Federico (Professor of International and European Law

Change and Continuity: Statute, Equity, and Federalism

High Court of Australia) Gummow William (Justice