Common law

Historical Foundations of the Common Law

Cambridge) Milsom St John's College S.F.C. (Emeritus Professor of Legal History

On Common Laws

McGill University) Glenn Faculty of Law H. Patrick (Peter M. Laing Professor of Law

The Forms of Action at Common Law: A Course of Lectures

Frederic William Maitland, A. H. Chaytor, et al.

Common Law and Modern Society: Keeping Pace with Change

Member of th Mary (Member of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales and Head of International Relations for England and Wales

Common Values and the Public-Private Divide

FBA (University College London) Oliver QC Dawn

Foundations of Private Law: Property, Tort, Contract, Unjust...

University of California at Berkeley) Gordley School of Law James (Shannon Cecil Turner Professor of Jurisprudence

Vigilance and Restraint in the Common Law of Judicial Review

Dean R. (Victoria University of Wellington) Knight

La moderna configuración de la cláusula rebus sic stantibus...


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Laughing at the Gods: Great Judges and How They Made the...

Toronto) Hutchinson York University Allan C. (Osgoode Hall Law School

Optimize Tort Law

UK) Greene Brendan (University of Northampton

The Unity of Law

Sir Rabinder Singh

Handbog til statsorganerne

DORTE NGUYEN y Wasiim Bahr