International environmental law

Environmental and Ecology Law: Text and Materials

Chris (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) Rodgers y Canterbury) Howarth William (University of Kent

Marine Environmental Governance: From International Law to...

Australia) Techera Erika (Macquarie University

Introduction to International Environmental Law

Finland.) Koivurova Timo (University of Lapland

Principles of International Environmental Law

QC (University College London) Sands Philippe y Jacqueline (University of Melbourne) Peel

Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials

University of Oxford) Fisher Corpus Christi College Professor of Environmental Law Elizabeth (Professor of Environmental Law, University of Oxford) Lange Associate Professor of Law and Regulation Bettina (Associate Professor of Law and Regulation, et al.

Coastal State Regulation of International Shipping

NOAA) Johnson U.S. Department of Commerce Lindy (Office of International Environmental Law

Courts, Codes, and Custom: Legal Tradition and State Policy...

University of San Francisc Assistant Professor of International Relations Dana (Assistant Professor of International Relations

Trade and Environment Law in the European Community

Swis Associate Researcher Swiss Institute for Research into International Economic Relations Andreas R. (Associate Researcher