Crash Course Rheumatology and Orthopaedics

UK) Aitken Wishaw University Hospital Wishaw West of Scotland Deanery MRCP (Rheumatology Specialist Trainee ST5 MBChB Marc y UK) Gibson Paisley Royal Alexandra Hospital Trauma & Orthopaedics MRCS (Specialty Registrar MBBS BA Oxon Anthony


UK) Isenberg University College London Centre for Rheumatology David (Academic Director of Rheumatology y USA) Manzi University of Pittsburgh Co-Director Lupus Center of Excellence Susan (Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

It's Not Just Growing Pains: A guide to childhood muscle,...

Hospital for Special Su Division of Paediatric Rheumatology and Chief Attending Physician MD (Senior Scientist Thomas J. A.

Oxford Case Histories in Rheumatology

UK) Soni University of Oxford Anushka (Clinical Lecturer in Rheumatology, UK) Williamson Swindon Great Western Hospital Lyn (Consultant Rheumatologist, et al.

Essentials of Electromyography

Gary Kamen y David A. Gabriel

The ACR at 75: A Diamond Jubilee

David Pisetsky y ACR

Making Sense of Fibromyalgia: New and Updated

Janice Brock Wallace y Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) Wallace Clinical Professor of Medicine Daniel J. (Clinical Professor of Medicine