Neurology & clinical neurophysiology

Improving Hand Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Patricia Burtner y Ann-Christin Eliasson

Selected Tables and Figures from: The Practice of Emergency...

Mayo Clinic) Wijdicks Prof Eelco FM (Prof

Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and...

Ernest V. Pedapati, Sergio V. Delgado, et al.

Cerebrovascular Disease

Weill Cornell Medical Center; New York Presbyterian Hospital) Lerario Neurology Fellow Michael P. (Neurology Fellow y Assistant Professor of Neurology; Ji Y. (Assistant Professor of Neurology; Chief of Neurology and Director of the Stroke Center

Sleep, Epilepsies, and Cognitive Impairment

Hungary) Halasz Budapest National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience Peter (Emeritus Professor of Neurology y Hungary) Szucs Budapest National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience Anna (Chief Physician

Merritt's Neurology

MD Louis MS Elan D., Stephan A. Mayer, et al.

Stroke and Stroke Related Disorders in the Elderly

Kujan Nagaratnam y Nages Nagaratnam

Understanding Antiepileptic Drugs: Guiding You Through the...

Dalhousie University) Pohlma Division of Neurology Department of Medicine Professor of Medicine Bernd (Professor of Medicine y Kork Epilepsy Center) Steinhoff Medical Director Bernhard J. (Medical Director