Calculus & mathematical analysis


Canberra) Barnsley Michael Fielding (Australian National University

Elemente Der Vektor-Analysis

Alfred Heinrich Bucherer

Interpolation, Identification, and Sampling

University of L Reader in Functional Analysis and Systems Theory Jonathan R. (Reader in Functional Analysis and Systems Theory

A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications

USA) Walker Eau Claire James S. (University of Wisconsin

From Bessel To Multi-index Mittag-leffler Functions:...

Bulgaria) Paneva-konovska Jordanka (Technical Univ Of Sofia

Beweis der Kettenregel

Anne Udelhoven

Factor Analysis in Chemistry

Edmund R. Malinowski

Problems And Solutions In Introductory And Advanced Matrix...

South Africa) Steeb Willi-hans (Univ Of Johannesburg y South Africa) Hardy Johannesburg Yorick (Univ Of The Witwatersrand

Measure Theory and Filtering: Introduction and Applications

Oman) Aggoun Lakhdar (Sultan Qaboos University y Robert J. (University of Calgary) Elliott

Mobius Invariant QK Spaces

Hasi Wulan y Kehe Zhu

Matrix Theory

Ireland) Lewis David (Univ College Dublin

Mathematical Aspects Of Weyl Quantization And Phase

Uk) Dubin Daniel Abrom (The Open Univ, Uk) Hennings M A (Cambridge Univ, et al.