Game theory

Topics in Game Theory

Edward M Bolger

Geometry, Language And Strategy: The Dynamics Of Decision...

Usa) Thomas Gerald H (Milwaukee Sch Of Engrg

Simple Adaptive Strategies: From Regret-matching To Uncoupled...

Israel) Hart Sergiu (The Hebrew Univ Of Jerusalem y Spain) Mas-colell Andreu (Univ Pompeu Fabra

Understanding Game Theory: Introduction To The Analysis Of...

Russia) Kolokoltsov Russia & St Petersburg State Univ Uk & Russian Aca Of Sci Vasily N (Univ Of Warwick y Russia) Malafeyev Oleg A (St Petersburg State Univ

Theory Of Conjectural Variations

France) Jean-marie Cnrs & Univ Of Montpellier Ii Alain (Lirmm, Uk) Querou Nicolas (Queen's Univ Belfast, et al.

Value Solutions In Cooperative Games

Usa) Mccain Roger A (Drexel Univ

Some Notes on Game Bounds

Jorge-Nuno O Silva

Ejercicios de investigación de operaciones


18,00 ‚ā¨

Games And Dynamic Games

Georges Zaccour, Alain Haurie, et al.

Mathematics for Computer Science

F Thomson Leighton, Albert R Meyer, et al.

Evolutionary Games and Population Dynamics

Austria) Hofbauer Josef (Universitat Wien y Austria) Sigmund Karl (Universitat Wien