Fluid mechanics

Free-Surface Flow: Computational Methods

USA) Katopodes Ann Arbor University of Michigan Nikolaos D. (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

M. Z. Rachinsky y V. Y. Kerimov

Fluid Mechanics and the SPH Method: Theory and Applications

EDF (Electricite de France)) Violeau Damien (Senior Researcher in Applied Hydraulics at the R&D Division

Turbulence in the Atmosphere

John C. (Pennsylvania State University) Wyngaard

Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids

Sydney) Morriss Gary (University of New South Wales y Canberra) Evans Denis J. (Australian National University

Two-Phase Flow, Boiling, and Condensation: In Conventional...

Georgia Institute of Technology) Ghiaasiaan S. Mostafa (Professor

Simulation of Fluid Power Systems with Simcenter Amesim

Constantin CALINOIU, Radu Puhalschi, et al.

A Gallery of Combustion and Fire

Charles E. Baukal Jr.

Dynamics of the Liquid State

both at the Istituto di Elettronica Quantistica del Consiglio Nazionale del Senior CNR Researcher Marco (Senior CNR Researcher y Umberto (Senior CNR Researcher) Balucani

Modeling of Column Apparatus Processes

Christo Boyadjiev, Maria Doichinova, et al.

Seabed Fluid Flow: The Impact on Geology, Biology and the...

Alan Judd y Norway) Hovland Martin (Statoil

Subsurface Fluid Flow and Imaging: With Applications for...

Akhil (Texas A & M University) Datta-Gupta y Berkeley) Vasco Donald Wyman (University of California

Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flow

Washington DC) Oran Elaine S. (Naval Research Laboratory y Washington DC) Boris Jay P. (Naval Research Laboratory