Electricity, electromagnetism & magnetism

Dynamic Spin-Fluctuation Theory of Metallic Magnetism

Boris I. Reser y Nikolai B. Melnikov

Applications Of Neural Networks in Electromagnetics

Christos Christodoulou y Michael Georgiopoulos

De Magnete

William Gilbert

Electronic Structure and Magnetism of 3d-Transition Metal...

Masato Morifuji, Kazuko Motizuki, et al.

Asymptotic and Hybrid Methods in Electromagnetics

Frederic Molinet, I. Andronov, et al.

Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics

Solan) Bhooshan Waknaghat Jaypee University of Information Technology Sunil (Professor and Head of Department

Ionospheres: Physics, Plasma Physics, and Chemistry

Robert W. (Utah State University) Schunk y Ann Arbor) Nagy Andrew F. (University of Michigan

Skyrmions in Magnetic Materials

Shinichiro Seki y Masahito Mochizuki

Microprobe Characterization of Optoelectronic Materials

Spain) Jimenez Juan (University of Valladolid