Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

David J. Griffiths y Darrell F. Schroeter

Time-dependent Quantum Mechanics Of Two-level Systems

Usa) Lavine James P (Georgetown Univ

Einstein's Brainchild: Relativity Made Relatively Easy!

Barry R. Parker y Lori Scoffield-Beer

Heisenberg's Quantum Mechanics

Canada) Razavy Mohsen (Univ Of Alberta

Quantum Phase Transitions in Transverse Field Spin Models:...

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Universal Measurements: How To Free Three Birds In One Move

Belgium) Aerts Diederik (Vrije Univ Brussel y Switzerland) De Bianchi Massimiliano Sassoli (Laboratorio Di Autoricerca Di Base

Emergence Of The Quantum From The Classical: Mathematical...

Austria) De Gosson Maurice A (Univ Of Vienna

Standard Model Of Quantum Physics In Clifford Algebra, The

France) Daviau Claude (Ministry Of National Education y France) Bertrand Jacques (Ecole Polytechnique Paris

Quantum Mechanics

Usa) Fitzpatrick Richard (The Univ Of Texas At Austin

Light And Vacuum: The Wave-particle Nature Of The Light And...

France) Constantin Meis (Inst For Nuclear Science & Technology

Introduction To The Functional Formulation Of Quantum...

Brazil) Girotti Horacio Oscar (Univ Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul

Homotopical Quantum Field Theory

Usa) Yau Donald (The Ohio State Univ At Newark

Pauli And The Spin-statistics Theorem

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Lattice Gauge Theories: An Introduction (Third Edition)

Germany) Rothe Heinz J (Univ Heidelberg