Organic chemistry

Spirooxindole Alkaloids

Poulos Zachary

Stereochemistry at a Glance

Jason Eames y Josephine M. Peach

Hypervalent Iodine in Organic Synthesis

A. (Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki) Varvoglis

Solvents and Solvent Effects in Organic Chemistry

THOMAS WELTON y Christian Reichardt

Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes

China) Wu Yi-jiang (East China Univ Of Sci & Tech, Portugal) Madeira Luis Miguel (Univ Of Porto, et al.

Principles of Organic Chemistry

USA) Rawn MD Baltimore J. David (Towson University y USA) Ouellette OH Columbus The Ohio State University Robert J. (Emeritus Professor

Organic Synthesis: State of the Art, 2013-2015

University of Delaware) Taber Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Douglass F. (Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry y Columbia University) Lambert Associate Professor of Chemistry Tristan (Associate Professor of Chemistry

Pericyclic Chemistry: Orbital Mechanisms and Stereochemistry

India) Mandal Kolkata Dipak Kumar (Formerly of Presidency College/University