Life sciences: general issues

Textbook Of Bioinformatics, A: Information-theoretic...

Usa) Neelakanta Perambur S (Florida Atlantic Univ

The Biologist's Imagination: Innovation in the Biosciences

International Society for Stem Cell Research) Hoffman Public Education Committee William (Public Education Committee y Department of Laboratory Me Department Head & Professor of Cancer Research Leo (Department Head & Professor of Cancer Research

Electronic Nose: Algorithmic Challenges

David Zhang, Lei Zhang, et al.

Gap Junction Structure and Chemical Regulation: Direct...

USA) Peracchia NY University of Rochester School of Medicine Camillo (Professor Emeritus

Fortschritte der Botanik

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Biologie und Medizin

Ludwig Bertalanffy

Ein Beitrag zur Desmidiaceenflora des Lungaues

Siegfried Pruzsinszky y Walter Url

The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior,...

University of Waikato) King Senior Lecturer Carolyn M. (Senior Lecturer, North Carolina State University) Powell Professor of Zoology Roger A. (Professor of Zoology, et al.

Bioinformatics Challenges at the Interface of Biology and...

Teresa K. Attwood, Stephen R. Pettifer, et al.

Freie Durchforstung

Carl Robert Heck