Animal ecology

The Pygmy Hippo Story: West Africa's Enigma of the Rainforest

Univers Department of Laboratory Animal Resources Director/Attending Veterinarian Phillip T. (Director/Attending Veterinarian, Program for the Development of the Northern Regio Ecology Division Former Director Ecology Division Knut M. (Former Director, et al.

Wildlife Study Design

Markus J. Peterson, Michael L. Morrison, et al.

Insect Ecology

Peter W. Price

Bat Workers' Manual

Tony Mitchell-Jones, Andrew McLeish, et al.

Amphibian Conservation: Global evidence for the effects of...

Rebecca K. Smith y William J. Sutherland

Insect Predator-Prey Dynamics: Ladybird Beetles and...

A. F. G. (University of East Anglia) Dixon

Ecological Studies in Tropical Fish Communities

Lowe-McConnell R. H. Lowe-McConnell

Spiders in Ecological Webs

Wise David H. Wise

African Mole-Rats: Ecology and Eusociality

Nigel C. (University of Pretoria) Bennett y Chris G. (University of London) Faulkes