BioCoder #6

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Biocatalysis and Bioenergy

C. T. Hou y Jei-Fu Shaw

Molecular Bioelectronics

Italy) Nicolini Claudio (Univ Of Genova

Bio-Based Polymers and Composites

University of Delaware) Wool Center for Composite Materials Richard (ACRES Program Director y Kansas State University) Sun Grain Science and Industry Xiuzhi Susan (Distinguished Professor


Jens Nielsen, Gregory N. Stephanopoulos, et al.

Heat Exchanger Design Guide: A Practical Guide for Planning,...

Germany) Gbadamosi Hamburg Raji Olayiwola (RAM Systeme PRO SIM Ingenieurburo GmbH y Germany) Nitsche Hamburg Manfred (Independent Consultant

Evolutionary Innovations: The Business of Biotechnology

Department of Technology and Soci Associate Professor Department of Technology and Social Change Maureen (Associate Professor