Plastics & polymers technology

Textile Technology: An Introduction

Thomas Gries y Dieter Veit

Precision Injection Molding: Process, Materials and Applications

Jehuda Greener y Reinhold Wimberger-Friedl

Microcellular Processing

Kelvin T. Okamoto

Anticorrosive Rubber Lining: A Practical Guide for Plastics...

India) Chandrasekaran Chennai Chellappa (Can C Consulting

Smart Textiles for In Situ Monitoring of Composites

GEMTEX research laboratory) Koncar ENSAIT and director Vladan (Head of research

Adaptive And Functional Polymers, Textiles And Their...

Hong Kong) Hu Jinlian (The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ

Geotextiles: From Design to Applications

Fo Geosynthetic Institute USA and Director Emeritus Pennsylvania Philadelphia Drexel University Robert (Professor Emeritus

Technology and Applications of Polymers Derived from Biomass

USA) Ashter Massachusetts Syed Ali (Principal at Ashter Consultancy LLC.