Mechanical engineering


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Thermal Energy Storage Analyses and Designs

USA) Li The University of Arizona Pei-Wen (Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering y Cho Lik Chan

Integrated System Health Management: Perspectives on Systems...

China and research fellow of the Uncertainty Decision- Chengdu Xihua University Lei (Professor and Management Department Head y academic leader "Ten Thousand Project" National Leading Scholar of China Jiuping (Professor of "Cheung Kong Scholars Program"

Surface Treatment in Bonding Technology

Lublin University of Technology) Rudawska Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Anna (Associate Professor

Precision Motion Systems: Modeling, Control, and Applications

Chinese Academy of Sciences) Chen Si-Lu (Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, China) Liu Xi'an School of Astronautics Lei (Northwestern Polytechnical University, et al.

Mechatronic Components: Roadmap to Design

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and D Department of Mechanical Engineering Emin Faruk (Associate Professor of Mechatronics


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Rotordynamics Prediction in Engineering

Michel Lalanne y Guy Ferraris

Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

University of Tehran) Vaez-Zadeh Professor of Electrical Engineering Sadegh (Professor of Electrical Engineering