Circuits & components

Control Systems: A Comprehensive Lab Manual

Chengaiah Ch y G Venkata Marutheswar

KiCad Pcbnew Reference Manual

Jean-Pierre Charras y Fabrizio Tappero

PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control

Bruce R. Archambeault y James Drewniak

Principles of Transistor Circuits

S W Amos y Mike James

ESD Protection Methodologies: From Component to System

Fabrice Caignet, Nicolas Nolhier, et al.

Design Techniques For Integrated Cmos Class-d Audio Amplifiers

Miguel Angel Rojas-gonzalez, Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio, et al.

Simulation Methods for ESD Protection Development

Harald Gossner, Kai Esmark, et al.

Linear Circuit Design Handbook

Engineeri Analog Devices Inc.

System on Chip Interfaces for Low Power Design

Neeraj Kumar Singh, Vijayakrishnan Rousseau, et al.

PIC Microcontrollers: An Introduction to Microelectronics

Foundation Degree Engineering (University of Brighton) and Course UK; formerly Course Leader Sussex Coast College Martin P.