Database programming


FRANCISCO MOCHON MORCILLO y Juan Carlos Gonzálvez Cabañas

21,00 €

Acceso a datos mediante OPC

Jesús María Zamarreño Cosme

11,90 €

A Guide to SQL

Mary Last y Philip Pratt

SQL Pocket Guide

Jonathan Gennick

Essential SQLAlchemy, 2e

Rick Copeland y Jason Myers

Managing & Using MySQL

Randy Yarger & Tim King George Reese

SQL Hacks

Andrew Cumming

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed

John Kane, Ray Rankins, et al.

Learning Spark SQL

Aurobindo Sarkar

Time and Relational Theory: Temporal Databases in the...

specializing in relational database technology) Date and consultant researcher lecturer C.J. (Independent author, UK) Darwen Hugh (Warwick University, et al.

Oracle PL/SQL by Example

Benjamin Rosenzweig y Elena Rakhimov

NoSQL For Dummies

Adam Fowler