Wildlife: butterflies, other insects & spiders

The Book of Bees

Piotr Socha


Michael Chinery

Moths: Their biology, diversity and evolution

David C. Lees y Alberto Zilli

RSPB ID Spotlight - Bees

Marianne Taylor y Richard Lewington

A Buzz in the Meadow

Dave Goulson

RSPB ID Spotlight - Moths

Marianne Taylor y Richard Lewington

RSPB ID Spotlight - Butterflies

Marianne Taylor y Richard Lewington


Sergiusz Michalski y Katarzyna Michalski

The Thermal Warriors

Berkeley) Heinrich Bernd (Univ. of California

Dr. Eleanor`s Book of Common Spiders

Eleanor Spicer Rice, Christopher Buddle, et al.

The Singing Snail

Alanna Betambeau

Dr. Eleanor's Book of Common Ants of California

Eleanor Spicer Rice, Alex Wild, et al.

The Season of the Cicadas

Jr Daniels Lester Wayne

Life in the Soil

James B. Nardi