Sound story, noisy books, musical books

The Nutcracker

Fiona Watt y Olga Demidova

Poppy and Sam's Animal Sounds

Sam Taplin y Stephen Cartwright

The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs

Andrea Pinnington y Caz Buckingham

The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds

Caz Buckingham y Andrea Pinnington

Garden Sounds

Sam Taplin y Federica Iossa

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Wind and Play!

Clement C. Moore y Raquel Martin

Winter Wonderland Sound Book

Sam Taplin y Federica Iossa

Don't Tickle the Reindeer!

Sam Taplin y Ana Martin Larranaga

10 Monsters in the Bed

Katie Cotton y Aaron Blecha


Maurice Pledger

My Busy Day

Kelly Caswell

I've Finished!

Victoria Roberts y Lee Wildish

Sounds of the Past: Stone Age

Clint Twist y Nicki Palin

The Very Noisy Jungle

Kathryn White y Gill Guile


Yoyo Books

Sons sorpresa - Grrr! Grrr!

DAWN SIRETT y Dorling Kindersley

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