Early learning: first word books

My First 1000 Words

Roger Priddy

One Thousand Things

Anna Kovecses

First Thousand Words in English

Heather Amery y Stephen Cartwright


Fiona Woodcock

1000 Things to Eat

Hannah Wood y Nikki Dyson

First Hundred Words in Russian

Heather Amery, Mairi Mackinnon, et al.

Animal Colours

Nikolas Ilic

Hop on Pop

Dr. Seuss

First Words - Spanish

Lonely Planet Kids


Fiona Woodcock

Shake My Sillies Out

Raffi y Maple Lam


Discovery Kidz


Discovery Kidz

I Love to Share (Polish edition)

Shelley Admont y Kidkiddos Books

Hey, Kitty Kitty!

Brenda Ponnay

Nancy la Elegante: Fancy Nancy (Spanish edition)

Jane O'Connor y Robin Preiss Glasser

Do You Know a Hero?

Jean A Lukesh y Ronald E Lukesh