Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage)

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Montgomery

The Exiles at Home

Hilary McKay

How to Rob a Bank

Tom Mitchell

Lily Alone

Jacqueline Wilson y Nick Sharratt

The Forever Whale

Sarah Lean

The World's Worst Children 2

David Walliams y Tony Ross

Azzi In Between

Sarah Garland


Morris Gleitzman

The Light Jar


Sadiq and the Desert Star

Siman Nuurali y Anjan Sarkar

Clean Break

Jacqueline Wilson y Nick Sharratt

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy: Book 2

Zanib Mian y Nasaya Mafaridik

Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Space!

Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang, et al.

The Runaway Girls

Jacqueline Wilson


Mary L Rocini

Elsie at Ion, Book 19


Those Gypsies on Rio Hondo Parkway

Barry Kunz y Julissa Mora

The Whale Without a Tail

Ariana Levin y Sarah E Kushner

Tikera Coming Home

Heather Louise Phillips-Morrison