Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)

Where's Mazy?

Auntie Fran

Bugs Bugs Bugs

John L. Tatro

You've Got Friends!

Kathy Goedde

A Home for Calvin

Joyce M. Carpenter y Bobby Hall

Kory the Koala Bear: It's Good to be Kind

Nick Forlizzi y Lisha Sorrento

The Funkey Monkey

Kristina Thill

Finny and Squirt

James Patrick Fry y Rebecca Clewell Gallagher

Peddle The Little Duck

Regina Hamilton

Koa, The Hawaiian Poodle

Phyllis Rhoda Weprin

Leonard The Leaping Leopard

Thomas D. Kratzok

12 Hats on 12 Cats

Cathy Parker

Bob and the Color Fairy

Karlie M Lucas

Miss Great Kitten

Carole Redhead

Luke the Loving Dog!

Sia Y Chandler

Zaniness at the Zoo

Jamil McGhee y Thomas McAteer