Sporting stories (Children's / Teenage)

"F" is for Fishing

Larry Barker with Joshua and Sarah Jones

Patty POM-Poms

Alise Cayen

Running Scared

Emma Carlson-Berne y Katie Wood

Dance Dilemma

Leigh McDonald y Katie Wood

Philip's Team

Robert R Gass

Soccer Tales III: Baba Yaga's Revenge

Lew Freimark y Andrew Arcengali

Our Game

Alice Rhea Mitchell y Sheryl K Perry

Skate On!

Theresa Borrelli

The Champions

Frances (Frances Mackay) Mackay

One Thing Right

Colin Shanafelt y Jeff Thomason


Karen Henderson

The Hockey Game

Heather Robbins

Gloria the Golfer

Coach Amanda

Emma Tate Learns to Skate

Rosita Bird y Lynn Costelloe

Be the Best

Sarah Oliver

High School Hero

Nick Boorman

Nat Plays Baseball

Brenda Ponnay

Oh My Gosh, Josh Loves Soccer

Barb Chrysler y Claire Lee


John F Carson

Wartime Winger

Joseph Curry

The Boy Who Didn't Quit

Barb Chrysler y Igor Golovihin