Personal & social issues (Children's / Teenage)

Alex and Alex

Ziggy Hanaor y Ben Javens

Ivy & Bean - Book 1

Annie Barrows y Sophie Blackall

Making Friends: A Book About First Friendships

Amanda McCardie y Colleen Larmour

Black & White

Tana Hoban

How to Write a Great Research Paper

Book Builders y Beverly Chin

365: Positive Words for a Teenage Girl

Rebecca Dorothy Valastro

Chicken or Egg: Who Comes First?

Brenda S. Miles, Susan D. Sweet, et al.

Life as a Rotten Egg

Cody D Delperdang

Brave Nellie

Sharalyn Morrison-Andrews y Lucas Richards

Freddie the Fireman

Patricia P. Morgan

Confessions of a Hater

Ms Caprice Crane

Life Skills Matters Grade 1 Student's Book

Erato-Nadia Bizos, Penny Hansen, et al.

Next to Nothing: A Firsthand Account of One Teenager's...

Columb College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychiatry Chair College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychiatry B. Timothy (Chair y Carrie Arnold